66ATP – Miracle time: Aaron is here – and this is the official interview!!!

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You’ve all been waiting for this – and finally the day has come:
Aaron visited us – and of course we couldn’t let the chance go by and interview him!
He talks about his past, about good things and not so good things from his childhood – about role models, church background, his private school and being raised by a single mom.

65ATP – Dads and happiness

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And yes – we talk about another infograph. Although we’re a little late for fathers day, we still felt, like it’s worth mentioning and discussing!
What makes a good father?
And what does it all have to do with happiness?


64ATP – Positive things to say to your kids 2 (2)

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Today we continue talking about this list of 55 positive things to say to your child.
This time we’re letting you know, why parents should let their kids know, that they’re enough,  how to encourage without demotivating and why it’s important to know that not everybody will like you, and that that’s ok!

Build Confidence! 55 Positive Things To Say To Your Child

Visit our site: http://ateam.rocks

63ATP – Positive things to say to your kids 1 (2)

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Today we talk about this list of 66 positive things to say to your child.
Of course we don’t get through all of them in one sitting, but in this first part, you’ll learn, why it’s important to value all of your kids opinions, that it’s meaningful to let your child be able to say no and  why it’s is so vital to talk about bravery and being able to spot, when your kid proves to be brave.

Build Confidence! 55 Positive Things To Say To Your Child


62ATP – Hard truths I’d like to know earlier

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Some of those hard truths we discuss include:
Everyone we love is going to die.
Figure out a way or don’t complain.

We talk about our take on these sentences and  we’ve got some hard truths of our own. 😉


61ATP – How to enhance your childs development holistically

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Most parents care for their childrens development and are grateful for helpful advice. Especially if their child has received a diagnosis of ADHD, dyslexia or Asperger’s. In these cases its still possible to help and support your kid at home.



60ATP – Parenting between smartphones and tablets

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Smartphone parents often pay more attention to their phone, than to their kids. Here we talk about some rules parents should follow, how they can use their phones for the benefit of their kids and which of the mentioned rules we don’t fully agree with. …


59ATP – Pamela Druckermann – Raising Bebe

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Parenting in France seems to look like a hole lot different, than it is does in the States and other parts of the world. In particular we will find out about parenting practices in Paris. We’ll find out why french kids don’t make a fuss , when eating in a restaurant, why they sleep through the night, when just a few months old and why they love helping in the kitchen.

58ATP – TED Talk Advice: Jennifer Senior on Modern Parenthood

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Jennifer Senior has given one of the most famous talks on parenting in the modern world. These days parenting doesn’t seem to be as simple, as it used to be in former times. We talk about current challenges and about ways how to relax when parenting with insecurities and lots of questions.

57ATP – Decisions and Happiness

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Helping our kids when making big life decisions is an important part of parenting. Of course most parents want their kids to be happy and to be able to decide in ways that won’t bring forth regret or sadness. Let’s find out how that is possible!

56ATP – Danny Silk – Love your kids on purpose

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Danny Silk from Bethel Church has written a popular parenting book. Let’s find out what kind of nuggets we can find for parenting our kids with love, purpose and wisdom.

55ATP – How to help your anxious child

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Parents with anxious children often have tried to help their kids in various ways, without any success. If that’s the case for you, you might find a few more ideas to try, when supporting your kid in finding more peace.



54ATP – How to raise a happy successful cooperative child while disciplining less

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Being a parent while yelling, threatening and punishing is neither fun nor good for your child.
Today we talk about different ways of parenting your kids with love, patience and effective strategies that make family life more peaceful and enjoyable.

53ATP – Self-defense for kids

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Self- defense is a topic of growing importance for kids.
How can you prepare you kids for situations, they hopefully will never face?

Topics we cover:
What to do, when a stranger offers your kid a ride,
what to do, when you kids gets lost,
what do do, when in a difficult situation.

52ATP – How to deal with rejection – Mom, Tom didn’t invite me to his party!

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Parents always have a hard time, when their kids have to face rejection and are desparete for good advice.
Our advice might not always help, but we came up with eight points to help relieve the pain.

51ATP – Are you a good parent? Test yourself and find out!

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If you don’t have children and want to find out, if you are ready to have them by now – this episode for you.  But also if you’ve always been wondering wether you are doing your job as a parent well or not – keep listening.

Here are some questions that we discuss in this episode:
* At what time do you go to bed?
* How would you react, if your young kid says a really bad word?
* What is the best punishment for a teenager, who missed curfew?
* Do you have a savings account?
* Would you admit that some babies aren’t cute?

50ATP – Good habits for a healthy marriage and happy kids

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We talk about some really good habits that help having a great marriage, but also help raising happy, healthy kids:

We talk about the different love languages, the need for extended conversations and why it’s important to help each other.
What is an Obama-Kiss? Why it can be great to call each other.
We also talk about compliments, flirting and hallmark cards.



49ATP – Teach your kid about commitment

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Teaching your kids about commitments has become an increasingly growing challenge:

Here are some points we talk about:
1)   Be in a strong marriage/ partnership!
2)   Share great stories – of yourself and others!
3)   Set big goals and work hard towards them!
4)   Show your kids unconditional grace.
5)   Have them take care of a pet.
6)   Teach them a sport or an instrument.
7)   Work together on a big home project.
8)   Play difficult board games or put puzzles together.
9)   Offer regular challenges.
10 )Develop a schedule for your child.
11) Encourage patience with siblings and those who may be different.

48ATP – Different types of parents on the playground

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I found this interesting article on a german website:
It talks about the different kinds of parents one can find on the playground:
The career mom,
the professional picknick maker,
the locals,
the translators,
the helicopter parents,
the big sibling and
the documentary film maker!


47ATP – Philosophy with kids Part 4

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Amateure philosophy can be quite entertaining!  _ In this series you won’t learn to many thoughts that are very deep, but you’ll get to know us a little more – as a family, since we also asked our kids. What is their opinion on several philosophical questions?
Listen and find out!



46ATP – Philosophy with kids Part 3

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Amateure philosophy can be quite entertaining!  _ In this series you won’t learn to many thoughts that are very deep, but you’ll get to know us a little more – as a family, since we also asked our kids. What is their opinion on several philosophical questions?
Listen and find out!

44ATP – Philosophy with kids Part 1

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Amateure philosophy can be quite entertaining!  _ In this series you won’t learn to many thoughts that are very deep, but you’ll get to know us a little more – as a family, since we also asked our kids. What is their opinion on several philosophical questions?
Listen and find out!

43ATP – Relaxed parenting – tipps from Steve Biddulph

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Steve Biddulph is a wellknown and experienced parenting expert.
For all those parents out there, who could need some tipps and strategies to become a more relaxed parent:  This is for you!

1)   Be boring!
2)  Be well rested!
3)  Prioritize your partner!
4)  Be present when spending time with your kid!
5)  Prepare meals for grown ups!
6)  Have date nights!
7)  Search for contact with other parents!
8)  Play your own music!
9)  Get help!
10)  Know where your limits are!
11) Learn how to enjoy a mess!
12)  Have some kid free zones in your house!
13) Don’t discuss your relationship problems in front of your kids or in the bed room!
14) Don’t just do kids stuff!

42ATP – Ten ways to be a more confident person

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Being confident is a very important parenting goal for most parents. Kids who struggle with shyness or insecurities can get support from their parents and that’s what we’re talking about today.

Here you can find the mentioned infograph:

41ATP – Seven signs you a really creative person

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You or/and your kids might actually be really creative people. Some of those signs might have striked you as something bad in the past – but now you have reason to believe, that those might actually be characteristics pointing to something to be appreciated. 🙂

The article we talk about: http://www.spring.org.uk/2017/01/7-weird-signs-creative-person.php

40ATP – Rules for Dads

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Being a dad is a wonderful privilege, a joy, a blessing …. and a challenge – at times. What dads should now, what they could avoid and what is important when wanting to be a great one – we’re discussing in this episode.


39ATP – Traveling tipps for an easier, more peaceful family life

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38ATP – Our practical tipps for an easier, more peaceful and simple family life

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37ATP – 16 Lessons in 16 Years of Marriage

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36ATP – William Booth, Old School Parenting

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