73ATP – Great things you can and should do with your kids

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On a german website we just discoverd this list of 11 Things your should experience with your children.
It talks about going to the cemetary together, about fixing something as a family and other things like baking somthing or confronting a common fear!!

Let’s find out, what we as a family already have experienced!


52ATP – How to deal with rejection – Mom, Tom didn’t invite me to his party!

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Parents always have a hard time, when their kids have to face rejection and are desparete for good advice.
Our advice might not always help, but we came up with eight points to help relieve the pain.

51ATP – Are you a good parent? Test yourself and find out!

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If you don’t have children and want to find out, if you are ready to have them by now – this episode for you.  But also if you’ve always been wondering wether you are doing your job as a parent well or not – keep listening.

Here are some questions that we discuss in this episode:
* At what time do you go to bed?
* How would you react, if your young kid says a really bad word?
* What is the best punishment for a teenager, who missed curfew?
* Do you have a savings account?
* Would you admit that some babies aren’t cute?