95ATP – Disappointment is good

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Disappointment is good – we often need it!


94ATP – How to teach your kids problem solving skills!

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Here the graph form big life journal:

93ATP – How to make your kid into a good leader

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This episode talks about one of the two most important skills kids actually should learn in school for a successful future.
It’s about learning how to be a good leader. _ An area most grown ups should keep learning about as well!

92ATP – Weird Parenting Wins by Hillary Frank

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We talk about Hillary Frank’s book:  “Weird parenting wins”

Here here book summary:
Weird Parenting Wins (2019) shows how not to lose it while bringing up your kids – all you nee is a little craziness. That means being creative and playful. Children approach life ready to deploy their imagination at every turn. And this book shows how you can be just as imaginative.  You’ll find ways to make life easier for the whole family and even have fun in the process.

Here is a link to the baby sleep book, we talk about in this episode:

Harvey Karp
The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep: Simple Solutions for Kids from Birth to 5 Years
Simple Solutions for Kids from Birth to 5 Years

91ATP – The book you wish your parents had read and your children will be glad that you did

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Philippa Perry wrote this book with this wonderfully long title. We are talking about it and are making some observations about our own up bringing.

People who should read this book:
Parents who want to improve their kid’s childhood,
Parents-to-be wishing to reduce the learning curve,
Your inner child


89ATP – How to teach your kid how to have self discipline

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Would wouldn’t like to have more self discipline? It probably would have been great if you’d had parents who taught you early – how to become this great disciplined person, you want your kids to be also!


88ATP – 8 Sentences that will change your child’s life

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Do you think that it’s time for your – or your child’s life to change?? If your answer is yes – then have a listen.
Here the link to our discussion points:



87ATP – Connecting or disconnecting with your child

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How do you react when your kids wants to have – yet – another toy?
Your words might create connection or disconnection with your child.

Here the link to the article, we’re discussing:


85ATP – 42 things for a better family atmosphere 2(2)

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We talk about more things that one should do to create a positive family atmosphere.

Things we mention are:
* record those funny sentences that your kids come up with
* talk about your own childhood
* do some geocaching
* plant a tree
and sleep in a tent.

For more ideas you will have to listen!

84ATP – 42 things for a better family atmosphere

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Here is the link, we mentioned:


And here is some of the points we talked about:
1. Have family meetings
2. play together
3. board games
4. computer games
5. shared meals
6. Good night stories
7. read a book together
8. coloring books
9. be creative
10. origami
11. be creative with toilet paper rolls
12. make an interview with your child
13. put messages into their lunch box
14. pyjama party
15. celebrate birthdays
16. have a spontaneous family party
17. movie nights
18. make a movie
19. watch older movies and photos
20. tell stories from earlier days
21. fill a jar with happy moments

83ATP – How to have a difficult conversation

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Having some difficult conversations not only is part of any managers lift, but also starts at home – in the family.
Once your kids are old enough to be able to converse, you’ll benefit from having good talking and listening habits and you’ll teach your kids some very valuable lessons druing that process.

Here’s the link to the article we talk about:

82ATP – 12 Phrases that make talking to kids easier

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Actually we’re talking about 13 phrases – and of course about our actual experience with them.

12 powerful parenting phrases that make talking to kids easier

81ATP – Twelve steps to follow for raising kids 1(2)

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We talk more „old school parenting“. This time we found an old newspaper article.



80ATP – Montessori Wisdom – Parenting like Maria Montessori

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We talk about evergreen advice from Maria Montessori like:

1) Kids learn from their surroundings.
2) If you criticise your kid, it will learn how to judge.
3) If you praise your kid, it will learn how to appreciate others. ….

find the whole article here:

Visit our site: http://ateam.rocks


79ATP – How to help your child finding friends

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Since one of your kids currently hasn’t found new friends at the new school yet, we pick up this issue and dare to talk about it.
Dr. Robyns Article (link below) serves as a resource!


78ATP – Family Rituals that teach responsibility, kindness, and compassion

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If you’re looking for some good family ritual ideas that teach important lessons, than you can have a look at the link below and start listening as we talk about:
Rituals that teach responsibility, that promote kindness and compassion, that build strong family connection and that develop a sense of belonging.


Visit our site: http://ateam.rocks

77ATP – Family Rituals that teach responsibility, kindness, and compassion

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Originally we intended to talk about an article of suggested family rituals we could have. But then we only talked about our own successfully and not so successfully implemented rituals we have in our own family so far.

Ressources we mentioned:
– Link to funamo – the parenting software for your kids smartphone:
– the poster I‘ve made for this summer‘s holidays

76ATP – 5 Parenting mistakes that might turn your kid into an *hole

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This time we talk about an article on a german website:

Things that parents should avoid are:

1.   Surround your kid with people who are unable to show their feelings.
2.  Do everything in order to prevent your kid from having any kind of disappointing experience.
3.  Always have some substitutions in order to comfort your child.
4.  Act as unpredictable as possible.
5.  Don’t ever respect your child’s boundaries.

Here the link for all german speaking listeners:

75ATP – 5 Love languages in the family 2 (2)

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We still need to talk about one more love language – which we’re doing today:

– Acts of service


But since this would be a very short episode, we add another topic:

5 Essential ways how to create a growth mindset corner

So keep listening to find out – what the heck that is!


74ATP – 5 Love languages in the family

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Even though we’ve been talking about the 5 love languages before, we’re now talking about it in detail! Find out about the five different ways of how to give and receive love within the family!

Today we talk about the first 4 different languages:
– Physical touch
– Words of affirmation
– Quality time
– Gifts

So – one more language remains to be talked about – but since we didn’t want to talk about it too long …. wait for the next episode! 🙂


link to the control-what-your-kid-does-on-their-smartphone-app:

73ATP – Great things you can and should do with your kids

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On a german website we just discoverd this list of 11 Things your should experience with your children.
It talks about going to the cemetary together, about fixing something as a family and other things like baking somthing or confronting a common fear!!

Let’s find out, what we as a family already have experienced!


72ATP – Many ways to develop a growth mindset 2(2)

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We have to talking about the importance of „grit“ and a „growth mindset“ in the past. But today we’re expanding on this idea and we’re introducing several practical ways of how to improve and develop your child’s growth mindset – and of course your own as well.

In this second part we discuss more points like:
* Use the word „yet“
* keep on having goals
* take over ownership for your attitude

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71ATP – Many ways to develop a growth mindset 1(2)

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We have to talking about the importance of „grit“ and a „growth mindset“ in the past. But today we’re expanding on this idea and we’re introducing several practical ways of how to improve and develop your childs growth mindset – and of course your own as well.

Here some point we discuss:
* Stop seeking approval
* Try different learning tactics
* Celebrate growth with others
* Reward actions, not traits.

The article we base our discussion on:

70ATP – Eleven sure fire ways to stop siblings fighting

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We talk about yet another article, which we would like to implement indeed!

In case you’re also frustrated about your kids not getting along, screaming and fighting – you’ll have to listen in and get some creative ideas you should try out!

11 Sure-Fire Ways to Stop Sibling Fighting and to Encourage Kids to Get Along


69ATP – Seven deadly sins of communication

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This topic doesn’t just apply to parenting and children – but to all humans.
Communication shapes all of our lives.
But it becomes uncomfortable and disheartening, when certain communication sins are being committed:

1. Gossip
2. Judging
3. Being negative
4. Complaining
5. Making excuses
6. Exaggerating
7. Being dogmatic


68ATP – Seven ways to respond to your child’s negative self-talk

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We also have made the experience of witnessing some of our kids talking negatively about themselves.
Most encouragement in the moment – doesn’t work. Here we talk about 7 different ways of how to strengthen and building up your child.

Here’s the link if you’d https://biglifejournal.com/blogs/blog/negative-self-talk-child-says-dumb-stupid

by Big Life Jounral

67ATP – Nine essential skills kids should learn

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Some skills aren’t being taught at school. So it’s all the more important for parents to find out, what kind of skill will be essential for their kids life.

Things we talk about:
1. How to ask good questions
2. Solving problems.
3. Tackling projects.
4. Finding passion.
5. Independence.
6. Being happy on one’s own.
7. Compassion.
8. Tolerance.
9. Dealing with change

Visit Leo’s blog: https://zenhabits.net/kid-skills/

66ATP – Miracle time: Aaron is here – and this is the official interview!!!

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You’ve all been waiting for this – and finally the day has come:
Aaron visited us – and of course we couldn’t let the chance go by and interview him!
He talks about his past, about good things and not so good things from his childhood – about role models, church background, his private school and being raised by a single mom.

65ATP – Dads and happiness

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And yes – we talk about another infograph. Although we’re a little late for fathers day, we still felt, like it’s worth mentioning and discussing!
What makes a good father?
And what does it all have to do with happiness?


64ATP – Positive things to say to your kids 2 (2)

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Today we continue talking about this list of 55 positive things to say to your child.
This time we’re letting you know, why parents should let their kids know, that they’re enough,  how to encourage without demotivating and why it’s important to know that not everybody will like you, and that that’s ok!

Build Confidence! 55 Positive Things To Say To Your Child

Visit our site: http://ateam.rocks