96ATP-Corona Family Life

We don’t have a lot of tipps –
but these are the points we’re mentioning in this episode:

*  Set up Structure
*  Get things done
*  Give each other space
*  stay in touch
*  learn from the experience

94ATP – How to teach your kids problem solving skills!

Here the graph form big life journal:

93ATP – How to make your kid into a good leader

This episode talks about one of the two most important skills kids actually should learn in school for a successful future.
It’s about learning how to be a good leader. _ An area most grown ups should keep learning about as well!

88ATP – 8 Sentences that will change your child’s life

Do you think that it’s time for your – or your child’s life to change?? If your answer is yes – then have a listen.
Here the link to our discussion points:



62ATP – Hard truths I’d like to know earlier

Some of those hard truths we discuss include:
Everyone we love is going to die.
Figure out a way or don’t complain.

We talk about our take on these sentences and  we’ve got some hard truths of our own. 😉


57ATP – Decisions and Happiness

Helping our kids when making big life decisions is an important part of parenting. Of course most parents want their kids to be happy and to be able to decide in ways that won’t bring forth regret or sadness. Let’s find out how that is possible!