43ATP – Relaxed parenting – tipps from Steve Biddulph

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Steve Biddulph is a wellknown and experienced parenting expert.
For all those parents out there, who could need some tipps and strategies to become a more relaxed parent:  This is for you!

1)   Be boring!
2)  Be well rested!
3)  Prioritize your partner!
4)  Be present when spending time with your kid!
5)  Prepare meals for grown ups!
6)  Have date nights!
7)  Search for contact with other parents!
8)  Play your own music!
9)  Get help!
10)  Know where your limits are!
11) Learn how to enjoy a mess!
12)  Have some kid free zones in your house!
13) Don’t discuss your relationship problems in front of your kids or in the bed room!
14) Don’t just do kids stuff!