58ATP – TED Talk Advice: Jennifer Senior on Modern Parenthood

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Jennifer Senior has given one of the most famous talks on parenting in the modern world. These days parenting doesn’t seem to be as simple, as it used to be in former times. We talk about current challenges and about ways how to relax when parenting with insecurities and lots of questions.

49ATP – Teach your kid about commitment

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Teaching your kids about commitments has become an increasingly growing challenge:

Here are some points we talk about:
1)   Be in a strong marriage/ partnership!
2)   Share great stories – of yourself and others!
3)   Set big goals and work hard towards them!
4)   Show your kids unconditional grace.
5)   Have them take care of a pet.
6)   Teach them a sport or an instrument.
7)   Work together on a big home project.
8)   Play difficult board games or put puzzles together.
9)   Offer regular challenges.
10 )Develop a schedule for your child.
11) Encourage patience with siblings and those who may be different.